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Divergent PDF book by Veronica Roth Read Online or Free Download in ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks. Published in April 25th 2011 the book become immediate popular and critical acclaim in young adult, science fiction books.

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Author: Veronica Roth
Book Format: Paperback
Original Title: Divergent
Number Of Pages: 487 pages
First Published in: April 25th 2011
Latest Edition: February 28th 2012
Series: Divergent #1
Language: English
Awards: Georgia Peach Book Award (2012), Evergreen Teen Book Award (2014), Soaring Eagle Book Award (2012), Milwaukee County Teen Book Award Nominee (2012), Children's Choice Book Award Nominee for Teen Choice Book of the Year (2012)
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction ,
Main Characters: Albert, Drew Leighton (Divergent), Eric (Divergent), Beatrice Prior, Peter
Formats: audible mp3, ePUB(Android), kindle, and audiobook.

Divergent is a beautiful novel written by the famous author Veronica Roth. The book is perfect for those who wants to read science fiction, dystopia books. Divergent pdf book was awarded with Georgia Peach Book Award (2012), Evergreen Teen Book Award (2014).

The main character of the story are Albert, Drew Leighton (Divergent), Eric (Divergent), Beatrice Prior, Peter. The book was first published in April 25th 2011 and the latest edition of the book was published in February 28th 2012 which eliminates all the known issues and printing errors.

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noice its pretty good
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ur mom
i like it but the next one is better
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good i like it
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Anonymous Dog
Amazing book, can't wait to read the next one!
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Emily C
The innumerable unidentifiable sentiments perpetually residing and flourishingly developing within our astoundingly exquisite hearts and ever inconstant mortal frames, irrevocably affecting and inexplicably compelling; the unsurpassed vividness and notable diversity of our substantially differing personalities, perspicuously defining the intricateness of our fragile and unremarkable spirits, with which we obliviously fancied ourselves marvellously acquainted, and which instead presented to the studiously inspective and unsparing gaze of brutally harsh reality exotic shades and conspicuous hues our externally employed brain and irrelevantly occupied eyes had lamentably failed to deftly capture and instantaneously light upon. Be unutterably feeble or tremendously infallible, conceivably fettered or unbegrudgingly, unmitigatedly liberated, you subconsciously possess an unalterable, unconcealable identity which obstinately and invariably resurfaces despite your vigorous, laborious endeavours to subdue and displays its vibrant, elaborate colourings audaciously and unhesitatingly. This is the legendary tale of a dauntless girl who ultimately contrived to uncover the relentlessly leaping flame and incessantly glimmering spark undiminished by inexpressibly wearying misadventures and profoundly afflicting catastrophes swiftly apprehended yet unable to be hindered, that illuminates and exceeds the unavailing confines of her outwardly inconsequential yet distinctly influential prison of flesh, conveying to indescribably mesmerized readers and those covertly harboring and unremittingly tormented by an anticipated doubt as to whether being a supposedly deservedly excluded anomaly in every established category signifies the incommunicably appalling fact that you are but a piteous and abhorrent aberration inadvertently produced and remorselessly discarded the invaluable message that the unorthodox outlier which deviates immensely from conventional standards and rises to persistently defy all predetermined classification and organized conformity is eminently supreme in its unparalleled courageousness and singular eccentricity, for an exemplary human creature should be equally composed of the fundamental qualities and indispensable elements of earnest compassion and boundless magnanimity, indubitable frankness and guileless candidacy, keen intelligence and sophisticated ingenuity, unaffected altruism and unpretentious modesty, as well as unflinching courage and valiant fortitude. Yet Tris was not composed of irreplaceable shards of Erudite, Dauntless, and Abnegation, or even the Divergent, but of the ones who possessed the extraordinary benefit of claiming her exceptional heart; that overpowering sentiment which devours every cogent concept and lucid, coherent pondering. In nauseatingly and terrifically hazardous adversity, amidst intimidatingly hellacious tribulations the toughest could not long endure, when mercilessly throttled by the menacingly formidable opponent of precariously grim circumstances and unpitying life, the indissoluble, multiplex bonds of ineffable, immutable affection between the most intimate are severely tried, incontrovertibly attested, and promptly reinforced. The indelible scars which ornament disfigured bodies, the ineffaceable anguished remembrances that plague warped minds, the ineradicable defects that blemish desolate souls, and every contemplatable imperfection and deficiency gloriously acquired through a nobly admirable dedication to combating the malignance and wretchedness of both your deluded fellow beings and your cherished, stunningly massive complimenting aptitude are everlasting and permanently unerasable, irrefutable evidence of the bearer’s unalloyed and incalculable worth. As the protagonist, Beatrice Prior, became the dissimilar Tris, she did not simultaneously discard her previous unenthralling existence and substitute it for exhilarating unpredictability and enticing imperilment so much as disclose a scarcely suppressible fragment of herself along with the irresistible charm that lay in unshrinkingly embracing savage, unrestricted liberty and possessing a drastically increased susceptibility to both distinguished and moderate self-indulgence, the morbid fascination and ecstatic mania of bold action and a rigorous, potentially fatal challenge. In the duration of her taxing training, Tris not only obtained additional physical deftness and competency, but also sentimental, intellectual, and cognitive resistance and capability, and became particularly adept at fortifying her capacity for sustaining the insufferably devastating wounds of unabating, eternally imperishable love and abiding friendship, which, though faltering and intensely flawed, was unfeigned and genuinely sincere. Unswerving, undiluted courage awaited only her command, not the unappeasable ruthlessness, heedless recklessness, or sheer folly that innumerable claimed was and mindlessly branded as bravery, but an unwavering resolution to disregard impulsive, untameable terror, to continuously progress in spite of it, rather than an essentially vain attempt to thoroughly obscure or extinguish it, as well as a commendable willingness to defend and assist others through most mundane decisions and exhibitions of undeniably sincere, unadulterated sympathetic charitability. The factions had strayed considerably from the uncontaminated core of their initially virtuous intentions and well-determined tracks, and consequently, ancestral values and customary practices and designs were successively abolished and gradually eliminated by the rude hand of excessive avarice, the probing fingers of covetous voracity, moral corruption, and ultimately, an irrepressible gluttony for worldwide domination and authority devolving into spiteful manipulation and abominably horrendous slaughters of both the vulnerable body and the comprehensibly potent yearning to remain, however, that which the main character possesses, impressed ineffaceably upon all, will be sufficient to conduct the depraved factions down indisputably honourable paths. There are numerous thought-provokingly significant symbols in “Divergent”, one of which is birds: in the ominously forbidding and balefully sinister hallucinatory simulation generated during stage two of Tris’s appallingly torturing initiation, the flock of predatory, infernally satanic field crows, aside from being generally perceived as dreadfully symbolic of contemptible chance, is an ideal metaphor for the grievous misfortunes that would eventually befall her, as well as the Dauntless as a collective, who would likewise play a prodigious role in the irreversible negative alteration of her predestined fate, and the tranquilly grim resignation that consumingly possessed her as the swooping, winged demons which were the frightful productions of her delirious irrationality decomposed and made prey of her virtually defenseless form, devoid of treasured, reprieving reserve. The transparent cube with a suffocating liquid substance that represents Erudite inexorably leaking into it foreshadows the imminent construction of an invisible but insurmountable, unconquerable barrier between the protagonist and her dear companions, which would only become the more prominently substantialized and insuperable for her unsurpassable disinclination to secure it, render her sealed in and constrained while yet able to observe tantalizing freedom and the acute probability of desirable succour receding as the roaring tides craving the shelter of the vicious seas rapidly withdraw to the ocean’s abysmal depths and unfathomable heart, but a hair’s breadth distant, though to every appearance immeasurably so. Where our indomitable, undying affections reside, our renounced homes, our relinquished identities; those immortal, chaotic sentiments, that reflectively glistening droplet of moisture; an abrupt flicker of momentary elation, a brief flash of fleeting joy. These never-ending, staggeringly impacting instances frequently enslave irretrievable time itself, and elusive euphoria and overwhelming melancholy; deceptive affectation and consecutive betrayal; intolerable bereavement and mournful sorrow. This is a memorably engrossing and captivating dystopian fiction novel that illustrates the excruciating process of mastering that which is submerged in the remotest recesses of yourself, the emotions that either instigate a reign of bitter wrath and lusting vanity or induce us to daringly penetrate the oppressive gloom, and demonstrates the fragile balance between the pursuance of your subconsciously acknowledged longings dwelt upon only in your recurring dreams and the material contribution to the strenuously procured ease of others, exploring the subjugated natures of the genetically impaired citizens of that futuristic version of Chicago along with the complexly varying dispositions of the Divergent, who, despicable errors that were persecuted in a hideous environment of fallacious serenity, were a neglected portion of our intriguing race. The ceaseless courage, not of aggressive vengeance and raging ferocity, but a serenity in the midst of nightmarish pandemonium, a detachment of your logical decisions from the petrifying terror that at once envelopes you, the recollected tender moments that infused the protagonist with a tranquil resignation, a preparation for vain endurance, the courage that fails not even at the brink of culmination, a virtue that acknowledges the losses hardly able to be mended and plunges headlong voluntarily into the hollow void of desponding despair, and emerging from it with innate durableness and selfless sacrifice, unshackled love and clarified identity.
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